Click on "Invoice Preference" in your dashboard to edit your prefered settings.

Merchant Details

View and select what information you would like to feature on your invoices including :

  • Your Logo

  • Legal Name

  • Tax IDs

  • Contact details

Invoice Settings

The default settings that will apply when creating a new invoice.

You can override any default setting for every invoice you create.

  • Default Currency : all your invoices will be issued in this currency. Can be changed in your merchant account

  • Invoice Numbering : choose to number your invoices manually or automatically (sequentially). You may append a prefix to your invoice numbers (default prefix is : INV-)

  • Purchase Order Number : add a Purchase Order number field to reference them in your invoices.

  • Default Due Date : select the default due date that will apply on all your invoices.

  • Default Subject : all your invoices will automatically include this as a subject line.

  • Default Notes : Notes that you would like to feature on your invoices (i.e.: Thank you for your business)

  • Default Terms : include your default payment terms and conditions

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