To create a new customer, you can either go to the Customers section of your dashboard or click on Create a Customer when creating a new invoice.

Create a customer from the Customers Section

Click on the "Customers" link in your Dashboard's left navigation menu.

Click on New Customer to fill the customer details and save the form.

Create a customer from a new invoice

Click on the "Customer" dropdown in your new invoice and select "New Customer" from the dropdown.

Customer Profile

You can create a new customer as an individual or a business and invoices will be sent in their name.

All customers profiles can contain the following information :

  • Salutation

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Company Name

  • Customer Display Name : This is the actual name that will be displayed on the invoice

  • Email : this is the email the customer will receive his invoice on

  • Mobile Number : this is the mobile number the customer will receive his invoice on

  • Work Number

  • Billing & Shipping Address

All relevant customer information will appear on the invoice.

Customers with existing Fawter or ihjoz accounts will automatically receive their invoices by email or mobile.

New Customers will receive an email with a temporary username and password to access their invoice online.

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