In order to create an invoice, make sure you have :

  • A merchant account and profile

  • Filled your Legal Name and necessary VAT or other tax information

  • Setup your invoice template

You can upload or capture an invoice, create an invoice manually, create bulk invoices, or use Fawter's Point of Sale interface or Invoice API.

Any new invoice will use your default settings defined in your invoice preferences. You can override these settings for each invoice.

Create an Invoice by uploading or capturing an image or PDF

Click on "New invoice" in your dashboard.

  1. Search for your customer name by typing their first name, last name, email address, company name or mobile number. If you cannot find your customer, you can add them by clicking on "New Customer"

  2. Input your invoice subject

  3. Input your Invoice Number or use let the system generate an invoice number for you

  4. Input your Purchase Order Reference (PO)

  5. Add an Invoice Date

  6. Add an optional Due Date : Adding a due date will trigger reminders to customers

  7. Upload your invoice as PNG, JPEG or PDF files

  8. Select your invoice currency when several currencies are available

  9. Input your invoice amount

  10. Add optional notes and terms to your invoice

  11. Select your payment settings

  12. "Save and Send" the invoice (or select "Save" only to store your invoice for later)

It is recommended that you review and preview your invoice before sending it.

Invoice Payment Settings

Payment settings can be edited per invoice.

You may choose to absorb or pass on all or some of the Fawter and/or Online and Offline Payment fees.

If you absorb the fees, you, will be billed for them and the fees will be deducted from your invoice total.

If you pass on the fees, the customer will be billed on top of your invoice total.

You can also enable or disable any online or offline payment options.

All fees are available on

Coming Soon

  • Create an invoice manually

  • Create Bulk Invoice

  • Point of Sale Interface

  • Invoice API

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