Many tools are available for organisers to control the access of attendees to the event.

ihjozManager App

Download the ihjozManager app on your iOS or Android device to scan tickets at the door.

  1. Login with your user account to access your event dates and attendee list.

  2. Select the event and date you would like to manage

Scan Tickets

Click on the scan button to start scanning tickets.

Point the camera to a ticket QR Code to verify and checkin a ticket.

You will get one of the following responses :

  • Green: Ticket is valid and checked-in successfully

  • Orange: Ticket was already checked-in. Make sure you did not just scan the same ticket.

  • Red: Ticket is invalid (Ticket is possibly cancelled, for another event or date)

To eliminate fraud, it is recommended to connect your device to a reliable internet connection.

The app is designed to work offline when no internet connection is available and synchronise check-ins with the server as soon as its back.

Manual Check-ins

Scroll down the attendee list or search for attendees to find the ticket you're looking for.

You can search by name, ticket and order number (Typing the last 5 digits of a ticket will allow you to quickly find your ticket).

Swipe the ticket left to "check-in" or "check-out" the attendee.

Click on the ticket for more details.


Checkin attendees from your organiser dashboard on any browser.

  1. Go to Dashboard

  2. Select your event and click on "Manage"

The attendee list is sortable and filters can be used to limit results.

You can look for any value in the list including names, emails, mobile, order, ticket numbers, ticket types and seat labels.

You can conduct any of the following actions on available tickets :

  • Checkin / Checkout

  • Cancel

  • Download PDF

  • Print Badge (Contact us)

Exported List

Export your attendee list from the management interface as excel which you can print out or use with any third party access control tool of your choice.


Print your attendee list after sorting the data the way you see fit for a simple checkin experience.

Ideal for small events where connectivity or equipment is an issue.

Third Party Tools

Import your attendee list into your prefered third party application for access control.

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