Contact our team for more information about creating a seating map for your event.

ihjoz provides custom interactive, multi-level seating maps.

Provide our team with your seating charts for implementation.

Your seating map may include :

  • Multiple Sections (Seated and Non-seated)

  • Custom Section, Row & Seat Labeling

  • Custom colors and visuals (Vector based)

  • Multiple prices per seat

Plan your seating chart well in advance and allow our team up to 5 business days to develop and implement your custom map.

Linking Seating Maps to Tickets

As soon a your event seating map is created by out team, you will have the option to link any ticket type to specific sections of the seating map.

Changes in seating map

Any change of seating map may require a considerable effort to execute when it affects existing buyers. Such changes will have to be handled along with the ihjoz team.

Relocating any buyer will incur an additional ihjoz fee for issuing new replacement tickets.

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