You can create as many ticket types as necessary for your event.

  1. Go to Dashboard

  2. Select your event and click on "Edit"

  3. Select "Ticket Types"

You can add, edit and sort ticket types.

Ticket Type Model

Ticket Name

Public name of your ticket type featured on your event page and tickets issued to attendees.

ie: Regular, VIP, General Admission ...


Link the ticket type to one or many dates.
Each combination of "ticket" + "date" is treated separately from an inventory management point of view.


Add your ticket price inclusive of VAT

ihjoz fees

You can choose to absorb or pass on the ihjoz fee

  • Absorb : ihjoz fees are charged to the organiser and deducted from the ticket price

  • Pass on: ihjoz fees are charged to the buyer and added on top of the ticket price


Define how many tickets are available for sale.

For multi-date events, the quantity is per individual date.

Advanced Settings

Available for Sale From / To

Define the period for which your tickets are available for sale.

Use this feature only to limit sales in time for situations such as different ticket waves.

Limit tickets per order

Define how many minimum and maximum tickets are allowed per order (default 1 to 10).

Access Code

Password protect your tickets with an access code.

Only buyers with the password may purchase the ticket type.

Hide Ticket

Hiding tickets will remove it from your event page and reseller network.

Only organisers can issue hidden tickets.

Minimum age requirement

The minimum age required for attendees to access the event.

Mark as sold out

Force a sold-out mention for this ticket type to your event page.

Tickets are automatically marked as sold out when there are no more tickets available.

Custom Conditions

Add custom conditions to your ticket.

Custom conditions are made available to buyers on the event page and appear on the tickets issued by the system.

ie: Tickets are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, non-transferable, ... strict dress code...

Changing a ticket price

As soon as someone registers a ticket, it will no longer be possible to change the price of the ticket.

We recommend :

  • Hiding the ticket type or marking it as "sold out"

  • Create a new ticket type

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