When selling tickets on ihjoz, all tickets and payments are issued and processed on your behalf.

If your organisation is subject to VAT make sure to add your VAT number to your company profile.

Tickets will be issued under your merchant legal name and will automatically include your VAT number when available.

  1. Go to Dashboard

  2. Select "Merchant Account"

  3. Add your legal name and VAT number

  4. Click on Save

VAT on ticket sales

ihjoz will sell, charge and settle your tickets inclusive of VAT (when applicable).

All tickets issued by the system on your behalf will include your legal name and VAT number as a receipt for payment to the buyer.

VAT on ihjoz fees

ihjoz charges VAT on its fees. Depending on whether you choose to absorb or pass on specific fees to buyers, the VAT will be charged to the according entity.

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