Before you can create your first event, you will be required to create your organizer profile.

You may skip this step if you already have an organizer profile linked to your user account.

The organizer profile is a page which features your public information and all your upcoming and past public events.

All events pages created with your organizer profile will feature your organizer badge including your logo, name and description.

Organizer profile information

Your organizer profile contains various layers of information used publicly to power your organizer profile page and ticket sales experience.

The following information is required to create a complete organizer profile:

Name (required)

Public Name used on your organizer page and badge.

Square logo used on your organizer page and badge. Recommended size is 600x600px in JPG, PNG or GIF format.


Add more details about your organization on your organizer page and badge. You may use plain text or rich HTML text which may include pictures and videos.

The legal name of your organization to be included in the tickets issued by the platform.

Your legal name is the legal entity which issues the tickets and collects payments. It may differ from your organizer name.

You may use a personal name as a legal name when no registered organization exists. In this case, tickets and payments will be processed under your name.

VAT Number

If your organization is subject to VAT make sure to add your VAT number to your company profile.  Tickets will be issued under your legal name and will automatically include your VAT number when available.

  • VAT on ticket sales: ihjoz will sell, charge and settle your tickets inclusive of VAT (when applicable). ¬† All tickets issued by the system on your behalf will include your legal name and VAT number as a receipt for payment to the buyer.

  • VAT on ihjoz fees: ihjoz charges VAT on its fees in certain countries. Depending on whether you choose to absorb or pass on specific fees to buyers, the VAT will be charged to the according entity.

Contact Details

Allow users to connect with you through available communication channels and social networks.

Create a new organizer profile

You will automatically be prompted to create your organizer profile when you create your first event.

Edit your organizer profile

To edit any parameter in your organizer profile :

  • Login to your ihjoz account

  • Go to Settings

  • Go to Company Profile

Any change to your profile is reflected across all your past and previous events.

If you need to create a new organizer profile, do not edit your existing one. We recommend to create a new ihjoz account and organizer profile.

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