A user account is required to

  • Register to an event

  • Buy tickets

  • Access tickets

  • Create an event

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click here or on the "Signup" link in the menu

  2. Fill the signup form

  3. Submit the form by clicking on "Signup"

Note: Upon signup, you will receive a confirmation email and/or SMS. You can only use an email or mobile number for one account

Signup during checkout

You can also create an account during your checkout process.

After selecting your tickets or seats, you will be prompted to login or signup to ihjoz.

Your ticket selection will be saved and the checkout process will continue after signing up.

An account was automatically created with your email or mobile ?

If you are not an ihjoz user, an account may automatically be created when you

  • Are invited to events

  • Are transferred tickets

  • Purchase tickets from an organiser or points of sale

The account is registered to the email or mobile number (or both) which was provided. A temporary password is sent by email and/or SMS to allow access to the account.

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